6th–12th Grades

VI-ISERP supports VI Department of Education’s efforts to ensure all ten middle and high schools in the Territory will have inquiry and project- based learning practices. The practices will be infused with VI-EPSCoR research and aligned with NGSS and CCSS, and established as the model for STEM instruction.

At the heart of this effort are Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) developed to support implementation of research based pedagogical approaches and techniques emphasizing inquiry-based learning in support of NGSS and CCSS. PLCs are developed and supported through Summer Institutes, academic year activities, and research experiences for In-Service teachers.

Mentor Teachers are the core members of a PLC. Mentor Teachers are trained from in-service math and science teachers to lead the implementation of the inquiry- and project-based activities (developed in coordination with Mare Nostrum researchers) within STEM classrooms in all ten middle and high schools.

VI-ISERP's focus is on project-based learning and technology integration. Additionally, collaborative action research training and infusion of Mare Nostrum in the 6-12 curriculum is emphasized.