Citizen Science


Citizen Science has quickly become a novel method for bridging the long-existing gap between the scientific community and the general public. Across the nation, public volunteers are actively assisting with, and even leading the collection and analysis of data and the facilitation of authentic, place-based research. One of the factors that makes citizen science possible is that, in many cases, community volunteers and partners do not require any training.

Under Mare Nostrum Caribbean, researchers and other specialists from the University of the Virgin Islands: Center for Marine and Environmental Studies, actively engage and collaborate with passionate community volunteers in locally relevant projects that span both land and sea.


The Mangrove Restoration Project

The red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle), is necessary for much of our local marine biodiversity. Learn more about current restoration projects for this “Tree of Life”.


Coral Restoration

Around the world, coral reefs are in an alarming state of decline. See how citizen science is giving USVI corals a fighting chance, and empowering the community .


Marine Debris

Understanding and tackling the growing issue of marine debris requires action on both a research and community level. Read more about how the USVI is tackling the problem.