Development of additional training pathways at UVI to improve STEM education in the Territory: 

  • Effectively training students also includes ensuring that the Masters in Marine and Environmental Science (MMES) and the Masters in Mathematics for Secondary Teachers programs meet the needs of the students and the workforce needs of the Territory. VI-ISERP Directors will initiate the evaluation of the graduate programs developed with the support of previous VI-EPSCoR funding (MMES and MMAT), and will also evaluate the greatest need for other post-graduate training. 

  • The Institute will also facilitate the establishment of undergraduate certification paths (STEM minor) for STEM teaching which is already in process at UVI with NSF Noyce funding. 

  • In addition to the curricular changes above, there will also be a training program to increase the expertise of people doing fisheries research in the USVI. A Cooperative Fisheries Research lab will be developed in collaboration with the VI Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) and CMES to provide opportunities for more research to be conducted in-house and consolidate management and dissemination of data. These activities will facilitate collection and analysis of critical life history data gaps for the majority of commercial species. When established, this newly equipped lab will:

    • Strengthen partnerships between UVI and local agencies

    • Acquisition of instrumentation for basic fisheries research

    • Training for local F&W staff

      • Paid Internships for MMES students

      • Thesis projects focused on F&W prioritized needs

        • Improved management of fishery resources

        • Enhanced workforce