Registration is CLOSED for VI-ISERP / STEM Institute summer workshop. Based at the University of the Virgin Islands, the Virgin Islands Institute for STEM Education Research and Practice (VI-ISERP, or the STEM Institute), offers a two-week summer professional development opportunity for in-service teachers who teach grades 6–12.


engineering our recovery through stem
2018 stem institute summer workshop
july 9–20, 2018


This year, we are focused on Engineering our Recovery through STEM and have partnered with the Knowles Teachers Initiative. For three days, July 10–12 (8 am–4pm), teachers will become familiar with the engineering design process and learn to create engaging engineering design challenges that will support students in developing mathematics and science content knowledge.


Knowles Teacher Initiative Course Objectives:

  • Experience the engineering design process and develop a framework for your classroom
  • Learn how to encourage engineering mindsets in students
  • Discuss the differences between engineering design facilitation and traditional math and science instruction
  • Prepare for implementation of engineering-integration instruction by designing and peer teaching your own content-integrated engineering design lessons.

The other days will include exciting and informational sessions to include:

  • Meetings with UVI research faculty along with community partners in your STEM area of interest
  • Project-Based Learning training using Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
  • Collaborating with teachers in all areas of STEM for project creation
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Aligning the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS) to projects
  • Equity in the classroom
  • Effective classroom practices – supporting students who have experienced trauma

Dates: July 9–20, 2018

  • Full day only option available on July 10–12 for Knowles Teacher Initiative Engineering course (limited to 20 teachers)
  • Half day options available all other days (July 9, 12, 16–20)
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided
  • Stipend of $100 per day for full-day participation by eligible teachers


In order to best support teachers engaged in practice with VI-ISERP, the facilitators of the two-week summer institute expect that participants will 

  • Actively participate in workshop sessions (when present) – we will practice active learning!
  • Develop a draft PBL plan in consultation with facilitators, other participants, and UVI/community partners.
  • Present the draft PBL plan on the afternoon of July 20.
  • Submit an electronic copy of the PBL plan to workshop facilitators.

Stipends will be distributed based upon attendance and completion of products. The rate of compensation is $100 for each full day, and $50 for each half day.


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