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V.I. Youth Explore the Sea While Preparing for STEM Careers

The Youth Ocean Explorers program provides a broad overview of a variety of marine career opportunities including oceanography, watershed resource management, marine biology, larval ecology, fisheries science, robotics science, and DNA engineering. It's primary goal is to encourage more local young people to gain interest in and pursue STEM careers.

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What's Going On At Great Salt Pond, St. Croix?

Great Salt Pond Bay on St. Croix’s south-east coast is a salt pond located within the St. Croix East End Marine Park, and one of just a few mangrove ecosystems on the island. Alarmingly, it supports the only remaining juvenile fish mangrove habitat on the south side of the island! While all mangrove nurseries are essential, St. Croix’s remote location makes this one particularly important.

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