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Crucian Kyle Jerris Investigates Major Marine Science Questions At UVI

Growing up on the beaches of St. Croix, Kyle’s interest turned from sand to sea at an early age. Now, Kyle has made hundreds of scientific dives, has grown into an experienced field researcher, and is about to earn his Masters of Marine and Environmental Studies degree from the University of the Virgin Islands.

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V.I. Youth Explore the Sea While Preparing for STEM Careers

The Youth Ocean Explorers program provides a broad overview of a variety of marine career opportunities including oceanography, watershed resource management, marine biology, larval ecology, fisheries science, robotics science, and DNA engineering. It's primary goal is to encourage more local young people to gain interest in and pursue STEM careers.

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USVI Coral Reefs, And Scientists, Headline International Conference

Fourth in the world for publications on mesophotic coral ecosystems, scientists at The University of the Virgin Islands were invited Discussion Leaders at the prestigious Gordon Research Conference Mesophotic Coral Reef Ecosystems. This invitation is a tremendous honor, recognizing these scientists as leaders in their field.

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Lionfish Research On St. Croix Gets a Boost With a Disaster Recovery Grant

Dr. Castillo was awarded $38,053 to assist with the recovery of his lionfish research project.  This project examines factors affecting the movement and colonization of areas by the invasive lionfish species in St. Croix, USVI.  The impact from Hurricane Irma resulted in lost equipment and necessitated new data collection due to major disruptions within the study areas.

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A "Grouper Moon" Rises Over The Grammanik Bank

The Grammanik Bank, located just south of St. Thomas, is also the only known spawning location in the region for critically endangered Nassau grouper. The Nassau grouper spawning aggregation at the Grammanik Bank is a very special place. The US Virgin Islands are very fortunate because this is the only location in the entire Caribbean where Nassau grouper have shown signs of recovering

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VI-EPSCoR Supports A Local Role Model and Scientist

One of VI-EPSCoR’s primary goals is to grow a USVI community that is scientifically and mathematically literate and engaged in issues that are scientific and environmental in nature. Our goal is realized when local scientists are able to stay in the USVI and work in their field because the employment opportunities exist.

Dr. Sennai Habtes, Research Assistant Professor of Biological Oceanography at The University of the Virgin Islands is an accidental role model and success story of VI-EPSCoR’s efforts. 

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